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How good are scrap metal prices in Atlanta?

Compared to the rest of the country scrap metal prices in Atlanta are very strong. Usually the further you get from urban areas and ports the lower the prices go. While competition is an obvious factor the hidden reason is freight cost. We are lucky in that we have good transportation to the port of Savannah and are famously a cross road for highways and rail lines.   Imagine you are in Oklahoma City trying to get something to China. Do you go up and over the Rockies for a short boat trip or downhill to the gulf for a long one?

Should I check around?

Usually you should scrap metal prices in Atlanta if you have a large amount of any one thing. Say you have 2,000 pounds of striped copper wire; an extra $.10 puts an extra $200 in your pocket. If you have 40,000 pounds of I-beams and get an extra $.0025 then you made an extra $100. If you have your car trunk stuffed with junk from your basement don’t waste your time and just go somewhere close.

Is there any way to watch what markets are doing?

For copper and brass you can check copper prices.

For electronics you can look at the gold price.

These charts are what your price will be based off of. That is not to say it is the only thing as currency exchange rates and holidays like Ramadan or Lunar New Year play important roles as well.  One thing to remember is that time is money so if you have a few pallets of scrap you keep moving around the warehouse waiting on that price jump that makes you an extra $50 its time to let it go.

So I go with whoever has the highest price?

Sometimes; even most of the time but If your questions stop there you are losing time and money. Remember the transportation cost? What about getting the correct sized truck and getting it there when you need it? Do you need to call a few days ahead and pray a driver shows up? Can you trust the guy you are selling it to grade it properly? How long will you be on the yard? Is there someone to help unload? Do they need a bribe to get you unloaded in a decent amount of time? Shopping scrap is like shopping for a car; a great price may cost you a ton of money in the finance office! The best thing is to have someone you can trust that will walk you through your individual situation and come up with a solution that works. That sometimes means we need to tell you that crazy price you were quoted by a guy trying to fill an order is the best deal you will find today. We hate to lose a load but we love to make a customer.