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The program is simple. Earn a point for each dollar you’re paid. When you save up enough points you can use those points for magnets, clothes, or electronics. Ask the TriStar cashier for a signup form.

A Few Rewards Items

4 inch GPS

4 inch GPS

22,000 points

Work Gloves

Work Gloves

1,700 points

Work Jacket

Work Jacket

12,500 points

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS

28,000 points

42 inch LCD TV

42 inch LCD TV

75,000 points

TriStar Hoodie

TriStar Hoodie

4,000 points

Happy TriStar Rewards Customers 

  • TriStar Happy Customer
  • TriStar Rewards Customer
  • TriStar Rewards Customer
  • TriStar Rewards Customer
  • TriStar Rewards Customer

Answers to Common Questions

  • Make sure you bring your drivers license or other state issued photo ID.  Georgia law says cannot pay you without an ID.

    • If you have a vehicle with steel in it drive onto our blue scale.  (Make sure to wait until other vehicles are off.)
    • Once we have weighed you we will waive you off the scale.
    • Unload the steel in the large scrap pile and then drive back on the blue scale.
    • We will re-weigh you and waive you off again.
    • Then come to the scale out (large roll up doors) with any other metal.  We will weigh it there and pay you for all your metal.

    If you don’t have steel then bring your items directly to the scale house for weighing.

  • If the metal attracts a magnet then it is steel.  If you’re not sure ask one of our staff members before you unload your metal.

  • Separate each type of metal and present it to us separately.  Use our photo guide for help.  Also our yard staff will gladly assist you in identifying what metal is what.

    1. Bring the title if you have it.  The title must be in your name.
    2. If the car is 12 years or older you do not need a title.  But bring any documentation you have proving you own the vehicle
    3. The gas line MUST BE CUT and gas must be empty before you bring the car to our site.  You may not empty fuel on our property.
    4. Bring your driver license or state issued ID.
  • The following is Georgia Law on purchase of scrap HVAC units

    1. The seller must have a replacement receipt for a new AC unit,
    2. The seller is a licensed scrap recycler who has copies of their scrap license and purchase receipts for the coils,
    3. The seller is an HVAC manufacturer or a demolition contractor (with a license) OR
    4. The seller has an license from the state of GA for one of the following contract types:
      • Electrical
      • Plumbing
      • Conditioned Air (HVAC)
      • Low-Voltage or
      • Utility Contractor

    Also the unit must have all freon removed.  You may remove it before you come to our yard, or we will have a licensed contractor recover the freon for a $6 fee.

  • TriStar prides itself on having prices competitive with any yard in Atlanta.

    We don’t publish prices online because prices change daily.  Call us to get current prices.  If you have a very large load or unusual items contact our Director of Operations for a custom quote.

    Click here to contact George, our Director of Operations.

  • No.  We only handle metal and electronics.

  • If you have items with metal and other materials (such as paper, rubber, plastic) then we will take the items.  Please show them to us first so we can give you the best price.

  • There are certain metal items we do not accept.  They include

    • Grave Urns or Markers
    • Manhole covers
    • Fluorescent bulbs
    • Pressurized Containers such as Propane Tanks, Compressed Gas Cylinders, or Aerosol Cans
    • Any item that appears to be stolen
    • PCB containing items such as Capacitors, Light Ballasts, or Wet/ Dry Transformers
    • Sealed Units such as intact/ uncut Bulk Storage Tanks
    • Any item containing flammable material such as car Gas Tanks which have not been properly drained (must have large fist-sized hole)
    • Radioactive Materials of any kind (e.g., military scrap, medical scrap or NORM)
    • Refrigerants and any substitutes: CFCs and HCFCs in refrigerators or air conditioners (all Freon must be removed and certified by contract or by each individual load by law)
    • Lead or Lead Based Materials such as paint and wheel weights, except lead scrap when properly segregated, purchased separately and stored in nonferrous warehouse until shipped
    • Oil and/or Oil Filters
    • Batteries (while attached to vehicle) or Household batteries (e.g. AA, AAA, C, D, 9V)
    • Corrosive Materials, except batteries when properly segregated and purchased separately
    • Steel Drums, Barrels, Pails, or Buckets
    • Any items containing Asbestos or other hazardous material
    • Free-Flowing Liquids associated with scrap (e.g., gasoline, oil, paint, anti-freeze, lubricants, and water)
    • Non-Metallic Materials such as garbage, wood, concrete, plastic, glass, cardboard, paper, rags and dirt.  If it is mixed with metal we will buy it and then deduct for the weight of the non metal item
    • Explosives of any type
    • TV and Monitors such as computer monitors, televisions, or any Cathode Ray Tubes
    • Tires (except when on the wheels of a scrap vehicle)
    • Pesticides or posions
    • Biohazardous or infectious materials such as medical scrap

    This is not an exhaustive list.  We reserve the right to refuse any item for any reason.

Contractors & Large Loads


Are you a Contractor?

Do you have a large load of special items?

Please contact us in advance.  We can make special arrangements to clear space to get you in and out quickly.  We will also make sure you get the best price in the city.

Click here to Contact George Sandoval, our Director of Operations.

Meet TriStar’s Team

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